ASP.NET AJAX is a comprehensive, cross-browser AJAX framework from Microsoft, extending the ASP.NET web platform. The technology enables developers to create highly sophisticated web applications that take full advantage of the power of AJAX.

The fully integrated client and server AJAX frameworks reduce the complexity and time required to accomplish a wide range of modern technical requirements, and introduce new implementation models for developers to digest and embrace.

Microsoft AJAX Model for Server Controls with Related Script

As part of ASP.NET AJAX, Microsoft introduced a new "model" for extending the capabilities of a server control with client-side script. That model is described in an ASP.NET AJAX tutorial. In general, the developer creates two related controls:

  • A server control that implements the IScriptControl interface
  • A related client control derived from Sys.UI.Control (part of the client-side AJAX library)

In order for the ScriptManager to know how to create and initialize the related client control, the server control implements the IScriptControl interface. The specifics are described in the tutorial.

The related client-side behavior is encapsulated in a JavaScript class, implemented as a Microsoft AJAX client control. This permits the client control object to be created, initialized and disposed in a standard way by the client-side AJAX code. Again the specifics are described in the tutorial.

Following this implementation model enables the ScriptManager to manage the control during any asyncronous updates.